3G书城 First Class Servant
Have you seen a family that is more crazy than the nobility? Have you seen a family member who is more arrogant? Have you seen a family that is more aggressive than the emperor? Have you seen the family of your own lady? Have you seen a family member who is sitting in a city full of water? As a modern man, Xu Feng has always been drunk and has a good reputation. However, because of the accident, he was born again and again, and he became a family member. He played the game, fighting the nobles and killing the strong.
bellmaker Taking the Cross
An injured man lies on the sands of the battlefield he remembers the events that brought him here.
Ding Mo When A Snail Loves
In this world, there is the beautiful mutual and telepathy love.“I’ve been pursuing you for so long, what do you think?’Xu Xu could felt her heart pounding on her chest; however what he said wasn’t logical.“You’re pursuing me?”Ji Bai raised his black eyes looking at her quietly.“Every morning I exercised with you, personally taught you how to shoot, prompted the police team to call your sister in law… If this isn’t pursuing, then what is it?”She took a deep breath stabilizi